The role of the G8

The G8, otherwise known as the Group of Eight, is an assembly of world leaders who meet annually to discuss global issues.  Each year, the G8 holds a Leaders’ Summit, in which Heads of State and Government of member countries meet to discuss and attempt to reconcile global issues.  Although the G8 is best known for its annual summits, it works throughout the year to tackle important contemporary topics such as the economy and climate change.  The G8 discusses and creates global policies.  However, adherence to these policies is not obligatory, and other countries can decide whether or not to obey.

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Wait a second... 12 June, 2013

Does anyone ever answer these questions?

Abdirizak Ali 14 June, 2013

what does G8 perform for somali students and universities specialy (Benadir university) leader of universities in somali and have huge role for health of somalia By producing Doctors
i wish you will respect my comment Boss

Nicholas kipkoech 17 June, 2013

Is G 8 made to bully AFRICA by giving them aloan which contain amillon of dollars & later they must pay it the better option we should trade with Asia

Steve Baker 18 June, 2013

To Gabishka Masukuraah Tintafajeel (What Does the G8 do to fight poverty) and loyd(What G8 has done to Sub-African Countries to overcome poverty)
The G8 countries give billions (£ € $) in aid every year to Sub-African countries!!!

Oreofe 25 June, 2013

What are the names of the countries that made up of G8?


Is G8 realy helping for achievement of the MDGs?

Patrick 6 July, 2013

It's like to stand on with feet, others countries remain.

pankaj 7 July, 2013

What is the g8. .

nwani vincent chizoba 8 July, 2013

the moment we stop living for each other, dats the moment we loss our humanity. Our leaders shld be meant to understand their roles in the place of authority; to better the lots of the led order than this present norm of primitive accumulation. This is true of african leaders! I therefore urge the G8 to help channel some of plocies and resources towards ensuring equitable maximization and distribution of the common wealth among african nations. The right decisions isn't always right, but that does not make them wrong anyway.

Akindele Kehinde 11 July, 2013

What G8 can do to the situation of Africa, which are experiencing Economic Growth every years, without Development especially Nigeria; GNP are increasing, while lacking Socio-Economics Development?

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