The role of the G8

The G8, otherwise known as the Group of Eight, is an assembly of world leaders who meet annually to discuss global issues.  Each year, the G8 holds a Leaders’ Summit, in which Heads of State and Government of member countries meet to discuss and attempt to reconcile global issues.  Although the G8 is best known for its annual summits, it works throughout the year to tackle important contemporary topics such as the economy and climate change.  The G8 discusses and creates global policies.  However, adherence to these policies is not obligatory, and other countries can decide whether or not to obey.

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fdg 23 September, 2009


tari 7 December, 2010

What is the need of forming policies that are obligatory not mandatory

calsy 28 March, 2011

what is the order of the richest countries in the world and also where would the United Kingdom be on that list

Sibby 22 September, 2011

in my opinion, the g8 create policie in order to have the authority to exploit developing countrys resources. the policies are not "optional" lol they are indirectly mandatory in forms of trade agreements

Banin Zahra 25 September, 2011

Why was the G8 formed

Flo 11 October, 2011

Sibby, I agree! They are the world leading countries so they enforce this either through trade or their general cultural homogenisation that they are making the world undertake.

Gabishka Masukuraah Tintafajeel 28 November, 2011

What Does the G8 do to fight poverty?

loyd 3 May, 2012

What G8 has done to Sub-African Countries to overcome poverty

Sir iwan 19 May, 2012

In G8 there are: G number 1= Goat
G number 2= Goose
G number 3= Giraffe
G number 4= Guinea Pig
G number 5= Grasshopper
G number 6= Glow Worm
G number 7= Gecko
G number 8= Gorilla
and the last G= Greece

Stuart Gulleford 28 May, 2012

Why on earth were Van Rompuy and Berlusconi at the last G8 Summit? They are not heads of state or government. They were not democratically elected to their positions and, in my view, have no place at G8 summits. Van Rompuy was 'chosen' at a banquet in a grubby backroom deal!

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