The role of the G8

The G8, otherwise known as the Group of Eight, is an assembly of world leaders who meet annually to discuss global issues.  Each year, the G8 holds a Leaders’ Summit, in which Heads of State and Government of member countries meet to discuss and attempt to reconcile global issues.  Although the G8 is best known for its annual summits, it works throughout the year to tackle important contemporary topics such as the economy and climate change.  The G8 discusses and creates global policies.  However, adherence to these policies is not obligatory, and other countries can decide whether or not to obey.

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rohit dass 22 July, 2013

from here i come to know the role of G-8

Andy Johnson 19 August, 2013

What is the G8 doing about African nations? I believe this is where the world's richest nations meet to think on what to impose on the poorer nations. Most of her members are also the head and leading members of the United Nations;so why do they form an external body out of the United Nations? There are things we do not know.

Vanessa Martin 21 October, 2013

The website told me alot about The roles of G8 and i suggest you all to use this website itz so amazing "TRY IT!" :)

eurest 5 November, 2013

when did it start ?

shashini 3 December, 2013

what kind of issues have they talked about?
How often do they host g-8 summit?

mimi 4 March, 2014

what are the polices that they disscuss

Mohamed Abdiwahid 17 April, 2016

G8 countries deserve to be the leader of the world to discuss world problems.But it seems they have forgetten to tackle some country's problems such as somalia.

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