History of the G8

The G8 originates from the Library Group, a group of financial officials formed in 1973.  In the early 1970s, the onset of the worldwide economic recession and oil crisis encouraged the US to create the Library Group.  This was originally made up of financial officials from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

In 1975, the Library Group began to incorporate government heads, who met annually to discuss economic issues.  The Library Group evolved into the G6, named after the number of government heads attending its meetings.  The addition of Canada to the group in 1976 brought about the group’s renaming as the G7.  In 1998, Russia joined the assembly, resulting in its present name – the G8. 

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Sylivester mazigo 11 April, 2013

I appreciate the g8 countries,but what i request from them is to make sure that the African countries' economy is boosted becouse their poverty was caused by them during colonization.

hagos 7 June, 2013

what is the root cause of African economy remain late for 21 century out of remarkable change? because after colonization all American and European there is good relation ,so what is the contribution of the relation?

Mercy Nwachukwu 11 June, 2013

I cconcur wit mazigo. Africa is trying her best to be economically stable. But they do not have the science and technology to begin an industral revolution. Its as if the Enuropeans have invented everything and we just have to buy from them, especially because borrowing of knowledge is prohibiteed by them...

collins 17 June, 2013

In my own opinion, this caucus is being given unnecessary attention as it does not represent the globe in tackling their issues as acclaimed. No African representative, yet, you claim to have her interest at heart. In reality, you do not cut a man's hair when he is not at home; you should at least wait for him to be there. The unrepresented countries should realize that there is an ulterior motive why they are not being included, because it is about the space to accommodated them but about the objectives of the so called G8

sankara1 19 June, 2013

I don't agree with mercy you and i are from the same country and know what a bad leader can do to restrain development. Nigeria over the past 40 to 50yrs has never produced a heavy weight leader capable of sitting with the likes of leaders present in that room today. so tell me what a light weight leader is bringing to that table to negotiate with remember this is Geo-politice. in Geo-politice you negotiate with your strength and in Nigeria our strength is corruption. tell me which of these leader will entertain that.

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