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The G8 is made up of heads of government from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The European Union is also represented at meetings by both the president of the European Commission and the leader of the country that has European Union presidency. 

The group’s original 1976 line-up included France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.  These countries were later joined by Canada in 1976 and Russia in 1998. 

All G8 members originate from the developed, industrialised world.  The G8 excludes China and India, despite their rapid economic growth, and fails to represent countries in Africa and Latin America.  This has led to accusations that the G8’s priorities fail to represent the majority of the developing world. 

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Mughal 17 June, 2013

Pakistan is great country. Pakistan must be accepted. India should not because India occupied the Kashmir.

sus 17 June, 2013

why is Canada there? bunch of nonentities on the rim of US

gallagher 18 June, 2013

by ignoring india and china the 8 member countries have clearly demonsrated their hatred and discrimination towards these emerging super powers. and what about australia? does it have to only send its soldiers to become unsung heroes by fighting for an biased caused?


The formation of the G8 must be a shift thing, if a country loses it position mus be replaced by another. I think Italy must be exempted to make way for another serious country. For now, China, India and Brazil must be represented. That will make the formation more realistic.

Phil Linehan 18 June, 2013

SucH a group that includes Canada but excludes China is meaningless.

Ibrahim abdulgaffar 18 June, 2013

Africa should be among and latin america ...why china not included

segun Elegbeley 18 June, 2013

o african country is qualified for now to be a member of the G8 for now, because they can not take responsibilities for their countries, say less of the world. I don't think even China and India is qualified considering their contribution to the UN and taking responsibilities in times of millitary intervention in times of unrest in the world.

Angel peace 18 June, 2013

Who are we to decide which countries should be included or not! Are we not not just assuming arrogance and superiority!

Gary G 19 June, 2013

India should be included in G8 becase it is the bigeest democracy in the world and at the same time now is great economically

bb. Kwekwe 19 June, 2013

The G8 is made up of Big and Industrialised economies of this world. It is not subject to debate whether one country fits into the puzzle or not rather it is subject to reality on the ground with regard a particular country. All aspiring countries to enter this bloc should do so practically on the ground satisfying themselves that they are G8 material.

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