The 2009 G8 Leaders' Summit

The Leaders’ Summit event takes place every year.  Between summits, members hold meetings to discuss their agenda.  The most recent Leaders’ Summit took place in L’Aquila, Italy, between 8 and 10 July 2009.  This year’s agenda included debates on the following issues:

  • Responding to the current economic and financial crisis
  • Restoring grassroots confidence
  • Boosting economic growth
  • Creating new, shared rules for economic activities
  • Exploring the social side of employment
  • Helping weaker sectors of society in both wealthier and poorer countries
  • Developing poorer countries and combating poverty
  • Ensuring food safety and security
  • Improving access to water
  • Reducing infant mortality and death during childbirth
  • Combating AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis
  • Addressing climate change
  • Discussing current political issues such as nuclear power, terrorism, and the situations in Iran, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Korea. 

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Angela Crosbie 24 October, 2012

for point 7 'Developing poorer countries and combating poverty', we have to be really careful about how we go about promoting implementation on this. Sudden interjections into developing nations,(for instance the introduction of GM foods for food aid, or our need to contribute to the 'development' foreign nations by investing in mines) have been promoted by industry as contributing aid to this exact point, when the reality is we are doing way more harm than good (and going completely against the principles that we are trying to follow here). I understand that we can hope for this stuff and that talking generally it all makes sense, but how can we actually enforce implementation? Or, in the very least, get more people to hear the call?

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